Knowledgebase : Judicial Branch
Posted by Stuart Ronaldson on 10 March 2017 08:22 am

Courts serving the Government of The United States of America


1) office of Peaceful Settlement of Disputes
This is an equity court that provides arbitration / mediation services to resolve controversies. It is the the first step to resolve a controversy. Contact the Post Master General or one of numerous individuals serving as a General Post Master.

2) General Post Master Council (GPMC)
The GPMC is a court of law and equity with national jurisdiction. Contact the Clerk for the Courts or a Human Rights Defender to assist you prior to bringing your case before the GPMC.

3) Human Rights Tribunal (and War Crimes Tribunal)
This court has two branches: 1) Human Rights Tribunal and 2) War Crimes Tribunal. Each court has national and international jurisdiction.

The Human Rights Tribunal is for “human rights cases in equity jurisdiction”
The War Crimes Tribunal is criminal in Common law with a jury of 12 affirmed American Nationals in good standing.

4) The National assembly
The last appeal is to the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America if the Judicial Branch fails to render proper judgment in equity jurisdiction or common law.

Note: Although there exists a very close relationship, the Great Jury is not, technically, part of the National Government.