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GPMC - Reminders
Posted by Stuart Ronaldson on 09 March 2017 07:34 am

GPMC Reminders

1) The GPMC does not work 24/7/365. Do not wait until 48 hrs. before a hearing to bring your matter before the GPMC. If you are subject to an aggressive attack by a foreign jurisdiction, file with the clerk as soon as practical.

2) Documents are submitted to the clerk

3) Documents cannot be submitted in MS-doc or other “editable” format. Documents must be “locked” (pdf or image format) so the document cannot be intentionally or unintentionally altered.

4) The judges and the clerk do not fill in blanks (case #, party, dates, etc.) of your court documents (see #2)

5) The judges and clerk do not proof read rough drafts for corrections

6) The judges and clerk do not perform research nor compile exhibits for your case

7) The judges and clerk do not compile contact information for service of process

8) Affidavits must be notarized by one of our international notaries

9) Motions (and other papers) must be signed and dated

10) Exhibits (evidence) must be clearly identified and locked (see #2)

11) The judges and clerk do not give legal advice for strategy

12) If you mention representation, it is the Secretary of State for the Government of The United States of America that represents you (internationally), not a Human Rights Defender (our police)