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Nationality - National Identity
Posted by Stuart Ronaldson on 06 March 2017 05:13 pm


A national identity is not a nationality. A person may identify with a nation (state), feeling that he or she belongs to that nation (state), without having any legal relationship to that nation (state). Emotions do not create nationalities nor any other legal standing. A national identity --- a person’s sense of belonging to a nation (state) --- is not a nationality.

A nationality is a formal, legal relationship, most often acknowledged by documentation, between the person and the nation (state). This relationship gives a nation (state) the right to protect a person from aggressive nations or entities.

It is critical to remember that United States and United States of America, as corporate entities, do not possess the authority to grant a nationality. No company possesses that authority. Thus, to perpetuate their illusion of authority, the United States and United States of America pretend the status of U.S. citizen means something, when in fact, it is an arbitrary term used to fool the people and keep them from declaring a nationality.