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Chain of Title - Entity Names
Posted by Stuart Ronaldson on 23 March 2017 02:21 pm

Accuracy when using entity names is an important concept that must be understood if you desire to be more self-reliant.

For example, although when spoken McDonald and MacDonald sound the same to the ear, most people understand, when they see the names written, the family of McDonald has different members than the family of MacDonald.

Similarly, a company named American Heating Corporation has different goals, policies and employees from a company named American Heating Incorporated.

American Heating Corporation
American Heating Incorporated

Now, suppose you wrote an email recommendation to a family member and just typed, “I’m real happy with American Heating, you should hire them.”

You just cut the name short. You did not make specific reference to one company or the other.

It is likely you are thinking ‘Whatever, it is just an email, no big deal’.

Perhaps, but it is bad form.

Indeed, make an inaccurate reference to an entity in a legal paper or court room and see if the judge or prosecuting attorney considers the error to be “no big deal”.

Review these entities and try and spot the differences.

The United States of America
United States of America
United States
State of ___
office of the ___
Office of the ___

These are all different entities. See the differences in wording and capitalization?

These “name games” have been pursued intentionally to create confusion in the minds of the people and help hide any deceitful practices or criminal conduct. Nonetheless, it is a reality.

Remember, just like you have a specific name, so too, all other individuals, businesses, trusts, etc.

The Department of State is not the State Department.
The office of the Governor is not the Governor's office or the Office of the Governor.

The name of the nation as established by Article I of the Articles of Confederation is:
The United States of America

When referencing this Government the “G” in government is always capitalized:
. . .the Government of The United States of America

The importance of names also critical to understanding "chain of title". Self-reliance demands that you pay attention and reference the name of the nation, office, individual, business or trust accurately.