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Conference Calls - National assembly
Posted by Stuart Ronaldson on 10 March 2017 07:16 am

What is the National assembly call?

The National assembly call is a meeting for General Post Masters to come together, report to each other and discuss any Government business. It is a recorded, formal business call, and as such, off-topic discussions, jokes and personal rants should avoided or kept to a minimum.

The objective of the call is to address Government business and field questions from General Post Masters. The call is currently open to Residents, American Nationals and visitors because the National assembly believes it is in the best interest of the Government (and the nation), to allow Residents and American Nationals the opportunity to learn how to manage an assembly. However, it is important to keep in mind that Residents, American Nationals and visitors are guests to the call and have no authority to vote.

Additionally, the National assembly call, as a business call for GPMs, is not the proper forum for Residents, American Nationals or visitors to address court cases or other personal matters. The Q&A call held Tuesday nights is a public call and a better forum to address your local or personal issues. Additionally, there are public Zoom rooms open throughout the day and evening where discussions for resolution of personal issues can be conducted.


Role of the Moderator

In short, the role of the Moderator is to manage the assembly by establishing and maintaining a level of professionalism throughout the call. Moderators are notified well in advance of their duty so it is expected that the Moderator is prepared in advance of the call. If a Moderator needs the script to get through the call, that individual should gather the script before the call, not after the call begins. The same principle applies to the time and date --- gather that information before the call. It may be helpful to read the script several times, before the call, to get a feel for the flow of the call and the language to be used. Recently, the National assembly passed a motion to issue a fine against any GPM that fails to fulfill the duty of moderating the National assembly call when assigned, if alternative arrangements are not put into place.

The National assembly call has attendees from four (4) time zones. And because it is a business call, the GPMs in attendence have a right to expect a well managed, focused call. Therefore, Moderators are expected to be active managers of the call by limiting --- or bringing to an end --- off-topic discussions and personal rants or by stepping in to settle the crowd to move the call forward.