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Conference Calls - Etiquette
Posted by Stuart Ronaldson on 10 March 2017 05:22 am


Muting / Muting Microphone

Upon entry into the meeting room, all participants should mute their microphones and only unmute the microphone to engage in conversation. Failure to comply with this protocol will be met with a reminder and request to mute the microphone. Multiple reminders may result in termination of your connection.


Addressing the National assembly

To address the National assembly, raise your hand using the conference call software or verbally obtain the attention of the Moderator after the conclusion of remarks by another individual. Once given the floor by the moderator, state your name and status (eg. “Good evening, this is Janet, an American National, or "Good evening, this is Stephen, a Resident") and then ask your question or state your business. Failure to comply with established call etiquette may result in reprimand or termination of your call connection.



Motions are a formal way to request the body of persons making up the National assembly (GPMs only) authorize an act or make a determination. Motions can be brought at any time during a National assembly call but most often, motions are best brought during the question and answer segments of the meeting. If you bring a motion, you should be prepared to discuss in detail the aspects of the subject matter of the motion, as you may need to explain or demonstrate to the assembly participants the validity of the motion.


Motions from Residents or American Nationals (non-GPMs)

If you do not hold General Post Master (GPM) status but you would like to move the National assembly, your motion will require sponsorship from a GPM. Remember, although this call is open to the public, this is a "National assembly" meeting, that is, an assembly of General Post Masters coming together to report to each other and address any Government business. As an American National, you have --- or should have --- your local assembly to address your concerns.  



I yield back to the Moderator

My name is _____, I am a (Resident / American National) and I seek sponsorship from a GPM for the following motion . . .

I'd like to bring a motion to the National assembly

Thank you, that concludes my remarks / comments, I yield back to the moderator