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Conference Calls - Zoom Access
Posted by Stuart Ronaldson on 09 March 2017 06:37 am

Access to Zoom Conference Call service:


Telephone Call In:
1) Dial: (408) 638-0968 (US Toll) or (646) 558-8656 (US Toll)
2) Input Meeting ID: __(see below)__


Meeting IDs:

Meeting ID (857-232-0155) - This room serves as the meeting place for the National assembly on Monday evenings and the Q&A Forum on Tuesday evenings. Outside of those use designations, this meeting room is a public room and is generally available 24/7. Residents and American Nationals are encouraged to gather in this room to get to know one another and exchange ideas.

National assembly: Monday evening, 7PM cst.

Q & A Forum: Tuesday evening, 8PM cst


Meeting ID (951-389-0313) - In the absense of the National assembly, the National committee manages the Government. This room is identified as "committee", and is, by motion passed by the National assembly, reserved for General Post Masters and closed to the public.


Meeting ID (405-458-0553) - This room is where the General Post Master Council convenes to hear cases and conduct oath ceremonies. The GPMC convenes as follows:

Tuesday at 10AM cst - Noon cst and 7PM cst - 9PM cst

Wednesday evening, 7PM cst - 9PM cst

Thursday evening, 7PM cst - 9PM cst


Meeting ID (236-700-6257) - This room is used for the Human Rights Defenders and the Human Rights Tribunal.

Meeting ID (507-771-7488) - This meeting room is used by Congress