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Definition, Purpose and Staffing
Posted by Stuart Ronaldson on 06 March 2017 08:12 pm

The Department of Security was established by approval of the National Assembly and placed into the records of the Government on the 290th day in the year of Yahweh, 6018 (January 2, 2017)


The Department of Security of the Government of The United States of America is a cabinet-level department of the office of the Governor. Operations within the Department of Security are directly overseen by the Secretary of Security.

General Purpose

The Department of Security ensures the physical safety of all Government personnel. The Department of Security is directly responsible for the staffing and training of Government security personnel and the maintenance of security equipment. The Department of Security possesses the authority to out-source the duties and responsibilities of the Department of Security to private contractors. The Department of Security is also directly responsible for the security of foreign dignitaries when visiting the office of the Governor and shall interact with foreign security officials regarding coordination of security protocols.

The Department of Security is also charged with ensuring the Continuity of the Government (COG) in times of emergency by installing alternative communications, secondary physical locations, additional document repositories and other necessary redundancy plans.

The Department of Security will also directly oversee the establishment of armories and the long-term growth, training and maintenance of an organized militia in support of the Government of The United States of America.


Candidates for Secretary and Deputy Secretary(s) of the Department of Security are nominees exclusive to the Governor. Nomination of candidates for the staffing of other roles within the Department of Security may be submitted by any General Post Master. All candidates for employment within the Government of the United States of America are subject to Government employee processing and evaluation protocols and confirmation from the assembly of the Government of The United States of America. Once confirmed, these officials shall possess authority to perform the delegated functions and duties of the Department of Security.

Descending Chain of Delegation of Authority of officials within the Department of Administration and Personnel:
Deputy Secretary(s)
Under Secretary(s)
Assistant Under Secretary(s)
Deputy Administrator(s)
Associate Administrator(s)